Our owner has  been involved in the Beauty Industry for over 35 years.  The knowledge gained and the many people we have worked in conjunction with have assisted in placing us in the position we are now.

Our shear reconditioning service has been in operation for 19 years and we have developed the skills and the knowledge required to properly service any type or brand of shears.

Training initiated by a master reconditioner over a 2 year period who had owned the Kokoro shear company.  His abilities and training have enabled our company to perform the best possible service to your shears.

The techniques learned over the years have made it possible to achieve optimum results for our customers.  The quality equipment necessary for this type of service to be achieved is not portable and must be in operation in a stationary shop type facility.  Therefor this is the reason our service is not portable and cannot be performed in the salon.

Allow us to restore the edge of your Shear to Excellence.  Let us utilize our tri-step honing process to inspect, recondition and restore that shear of yours with its professional cutting edge.


Thank you,


Steve Gaynor